Thorne Dental | Crowns



We understand that not all patients have the time for lengthy dental treatments over several days. That’s why we utilise leading edge CAD-CAM technology to perform same day crowns with the latest digital design and imaging technology in many cases.

  • Crowns are ‘full coverage restorations’ in which your natural tooth is protected in all dimensions by a fabricated tooth
  • You may need a crown if you have heavily restored teeth and this is to prevent future deterioration of the tooth
  • You may also need a crown if you have experienced trauma resulting in a tooth fracture or a root treated back tooth
  • Additionally, you may require a crown if you have undergone oral rehabilitation or cosmetic treatments such as treating discoloured teeth

We are able to achieve this with our leading edge CAD-CAM technology

  • Our E4D computer takes a digital scan of the prepared tooth chairside
  • The computer then designs and mills the crown from a single ceramic block
  • The process is simplified for you and the turnaround time is severely reduced

We understand time is important to you and that’s why this technology can offer crowns on the same day. The CAD-CAM technology is not available in all dental practices and we are very proud to own this technology here at Thorne Dental.