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Cracked Teeth


A crack in your tooth could occur from things such as heavily restored teeth which result in a crack under the weakened cusp or it could be teeth with minimal or no fillings where the tooth has suffered excessive bite forces due to grinding or clenching. Cracked teeth could even occur when trauma has been suffered.

Symptoms of Cracked Teeth:

You may have a cracked tooth if you feel sharp and erratic pain on biting certain foods, especially grainy food or after releasing pressure, you are sensitive to hot, cold or sweet food or even if you have a history of cracked teeth.

There are a few different tests we can do to see if you have a cracked tooth. These include a bite test, probing of the gums, transilluminating, removal of existing fillings or staining with a dye. It’s really important a cracked tooth is detected early so we can help to minimise propagation of the crack which can lead to more painful problems. If we find that you do have a cracked tooth, this is easily treatable with either the removal of the cracked cusp, replacing the filling or placing a full crown on the tooth. We can fully assess your individual circumstance and advise on the best course of action.