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Children Dentistry


We encourage children to visit us with their parents from a young age. We understand visiting the dentist can be a frightening process for your little ones and this is why we take extra consideration when treating them. We want the dental visit to be fun and stress-free for both you and your children and we want to create an environment where your children are comfortable in visiting the dentist.

Importance of Fluoride

As your child grows, regular dental visits are especially important. This is so we can look out for any signs of cavities and to check that the new teeth are erupting on time and in the right place.

Tooth Sealants

With the arrival of new teeth, this is the optimal time to get fluoride onto the teeth. Therefore, dental visits every six months are necessary for children between the age of 6-13 years. During these visits the dentist will apply a fluoride solution to your child’s teeth.

If your child has teeth with deep pits and fissures, they can be protected if necessary with a minimally invasive fissure sealant. This will protect the tooth and make brushing even easier.

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